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6 Tips to Hiring the Best REALTOR® to Buy or Sell Your Home

Whether buying or selling a home, hiring a realtor is an important decision that can save you time, money, and stress. Here are six tips to hiring the best realtor for you.

Number One - Don’t just simply hire a friend as this is the most common mistake people make when buying or selling a home.
Number Two - Seek referrals. Many people have strong relationships with their realtor and would be more than happy to pass along a recommendation.

Number Three - Ask questions. Don’t be too shy to find out about commission rates, the percentage of clients that are buyers or sellers or how many homes have closed in your neighbourhood.
Number Four - Avoid agents and realtors with high overheads. This could indicate an agent may be more interested in generating quick commissions, than providing you with the best service, and;
Tip number five is about the importance of considering more than just price when choosing your realtor. The cheapest option is often not the best one.
And finally, tip number six – Make sure to choose a person that you can build a relationship with because the right realtor can be a decision that pays off for years to come.
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6 Tips to Hiring the Best REALTOR®



Don’t Just Hire a Friend
Whether it is a friend, cousin, or an acquaintance, it is important to choose the most qualified person for the job.



Seek Referrals
Seeking referrals from friends, family, and co-workers is a great place to begin your search. Meet with each candidate prior to making a decision to see which REALTOR® matches your criteria. 



Ask Questions
Interview your candidates to find out who is the best person for the job. Some common questions include: What is their commission rate? What percentage of their clients are buyers or sellers?



Avoid Agents and REALTORS® with High Overheads
The goal of a REALTOR® or agent is to facilitate as many transactions as possible in a short period of time. Find someone who will fight to meet and exceed your expectations.



Factor in More than Price
Choosing the best REALTOR® involves more than finding the cheapest commission rate. Find someone who will work hard for your money and represent you well.



Choose a Person that You Can Build a Relationship With
The average Canadian will own more than one home in their lifetime, which means that it is important to find a person that you’re compatible with.


Whether you are planning to buy or sell a home, choosing the best REALTOR® doesn’t have to be a headache. Follow these 6 tips to hiring the best REALTOR® and your real estate investment is sure to be a winner!